Rebecka Tollens

Born in 1990, sweden/france


Dreams are metaphorical visions of our life. when we are awake, we have an image of ourselves in which we insist on our independence, our individuality, our judgment. our dreams are constructed in a completely different way, they change the nature of our relationships with others. the history of humanity is marked by divisions and separations between people and societies at national, religious and political levels. our dreams express a reality where we are all members of the same family. when we are awake, we travel through life in linear sequences, but when we start to dream, we create images that move in our psyche without any reference. it is in this space that I find a form of truth; in my dreams, a space-time transcended by spirituality where humanity is finally united.

the indefinite is the foundation of my work without putting the ambiguity of the human factor aside. in a certain way I seek a shared feeling between the known and the unknown to escape the weight of gravity without denying it. with the ghosts of my childhood and with the help of the chaotic equilibrium of my dreams I try to deliver a lucid glimpse of the invisible by looking for a way beyond words that can help me explain my vision of the world, my reality.